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Introducing 15+Puzzle: Classic Sliding Blocks Puzzle with Puzzle Solver

Today we publish our first Android application.

      15+Puzzle  is a unique incarnation of the century old ‘15 Puzzle’. If you are not familiar with the 15 puzzle, then read this short introduction. For mathematically inclined minds, this MathWorld page is a good starting point.

       What is so unique about 15+Puzzle? After all there are hundreds of 15 puzzles available for Android. In 15+Puzzle, Every puzzle sets a target for you. So if the target is set to ‘24’, then the challenge is to solve it in 24 or less number of moves. You can rest assured that it is solvable in as many moves.

      What if I am unable to achieve the target? Worry not! Use the Puzzle Solver! The Puzzle Solver will show you one possible way of achieving the target.

Enjoy this brainy entertainment.

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